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Guided Action Plan (GAP) Program

11 weeks






& Experiental


GAP is a 11-weeks 'FREE' Virtual Facilitated Leadership Program curated by MyProdigy Global which aims to inspire and equip young people with the knowledge and skills to achieve their leadership potential. The program will be delivered via interactive workshops, speaker sharing session, mentoring as well as experiential learning through a social project.

The GAP Experience

GAP is unique in that participants will begin the program with a foundational session where they will learn about their strength profile through MyProdigy’s proprietary Minded Hexagon Personality Profiling and then learn to articulate their leadership purpose. Once they have a clearer understanding of themselves and their purpose only then can they embark on the journey of enriching themselves with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their potential.

GAP Program Tentative Timeline

This program is conducted for 11 weeks and the classes are held only TWICE A WEEK. Participants will spend on average 7 hours a week for the Program.
Full Day Workshops, Speaker Series, Mentor Series & Social Project are conducted concurrently.
Full day workshop
(5 weeks, Every Saturday
10 am - 4 am)
Speaker Series
(4 weeks Every Wednesday
8:30 pm - 10 pm
Mentor Series
(4 weeks, Every Saturday
10 am - 2 pm
Social Project
(5 weeks Every
Wednesday & Saturday
Participants will attend an interactive workshop broken into lecture and group discussion segments. They will:
  1. Discover their Strength Profile.
  2. Articulate their Leadership Purpose.
  3. Set goals and take actionable steps to achieve their purpose.
  4. Learn leadership skills relevant to today's needs.
Distinguished Guests will share their inspirational journey in leadership.
Distinguished Mentors will share their insights and experiences in taking 'off the beaten path' of leadership.
Participants will connect with their partner NGOs and apply their newly acquired skills to address real-world problems. They will be expected to do a formal virtual presentation to the NGOs and submit a report.

Who Can Register?

This program is limited to only 100 Malaysian & Indonesian participants between the ages of 18 to 28 years old.

Application Process

Stage 1

Candidates will go through two (2) Stages Of Application:
Online Application
Candidates will have to fill a self-assessment questionaire and submit a 60 to 90 seconds video based on a topic about (Choose one)
  • The New Norm (Covid-19)
  • The Environment
  • Passion
  • Leadership
Virtual Interview
Shortlisted candidates will then go through a 10-minutes online interview conducted by our panel of interviewers.
If you are passionate about leadership and willing to commit to this 11-weeks program then we want you to be part of GAP.
Click the link below to register. All the best!

Stage 2